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The world of clone-a-saurus

"Project Clone-a-Saurus" was a covert research operation that spanned from the years 1970 to 1988. Its ambitious goal was to resurrect an array of Prehistoric Species for applications that ranged from advancing humanity's well-being to the exploitation of these animals. The project was a collaborative effort between five companies that teamed up with an eccentric and controversial geneticist. 

From 1976 to 1988, the cloning trials unfolded on a secluded island nestled within the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, aptly named "Petrel's Paradise". This remote island earned its name during the 1700s when the legendary pirate called Captain Orion Crowe stumbled upon it while seeking refuge for his ill-gotten treasures. Captivated by the island's abundant and varied population of Petrel birds, he affectionately named it "Petrel's Paradise". 

In November of 1988, a decision was made to abandon both the island and the project. The rapid depletion of funding coupled with the imminent arrival of a devastating Typhoon left the companies no choice but to leave behind their work and accept it as an unfortunate loss. Tensions escalated among the participating companies, and the partnership crumbled. Prior to leaving the island, a handful of compassionate workers set the dinosaurs free from their enclosures. Rather than die in their human-made confines, the dinosaurs were given a chance to roam the island and live out their lives as they did over 66 Million Years Ago.

Fast forward to the year 1991, cloning and computing technology have advanced tremendously. As this new tech started to revolutionize the world, a gradual realization started to settle in... the possibility of reviving Project Clone-a-Saurus into a viable project... Two significant hurdles surfaced, the project would be far too expensive to revive by one company and all of the invaluable research data remained abandoned on Petrel's Paradise.


The five former partners, now competing with each other, dispatched squads of skilled mercenaries, hunters, and other hired help to retrieve the abandoned research but also locate and secure Captain Orion Crowe's lost Treasure! With the priceless treasure and research, any one of the companies could reclaim Petrel's Paradise and revive Project Clone-a-Saurus!

Unbeknownst to all, the island's current inhabitants do not take kindly to Trespassers... thus setting the stage for CLONE-A-SAURUS: THE MINIATURES GAME!

The Key players

Dr. Albert Crane

Dr. Albert Crane, known for his eccentric and erratic behavior, was a prominent and controversial figure in the academic world due to his theories and ideas. After completing his thesis on genetic engineering, he made a realization: Can dinosaurs be resurrected through genetic manipulation? Can we bring them back from extinction?

After months of research and a load of fashionable number crunching, Dr. Crane came to a remarkable conclusion, it was possible to resurrect dinosaurs using ancient DNA found in different fossils. Eager to garner support and funding for his ambitious project, he delivered an extensive presentation during a prestigious scientific conference attended by the top minds from renowned universities and laboratories worldwide.

Instead of receiving the immediate anticipated financial backing he wanted, he was met with harsh scrutiny, hostility, and ridicule. In the following months, his credentials were openly disputed through a series of critical articles and papers that refuted his theory on reviving dinosaurs, as well as his past research and publications. Already a divisive figure that was disliked by his peers, a concerted effort took place to discredit him and eject him from the academic world. Ultimately, his peers were successful; whatever was left of his reputation was tarnished, his credentials were stripped, and he was excommunicated from all academic circles.

Amidst the despair, an opportunity arose for Dr. Crane when he was unexpectedly visited by two impeccably dressed agents from Biological Genetics Technologies. They were representing BioGen as well as four other companies to extend a proposal to the disgraced scientist. They will fund his experiments under one condition, the resulting dinosaurs would become the exclusive property of each company for their own independent research and development. Motivated by a deep desire to spite his colleagues and salvage his reputation, Dr. Crane swiftly accepted the offer without hesitation. Little did they know, Dr. Crane had his own plans for the Dinosaurs... 

BioGen Colored.png

Biological Genetics Technologies  (BioGen)

BioGen is a British-American Genetics company. It was founded by a scientist called Dr. Richard Carter and an entrepreneur called William Sullivan. The company was originally founded with the intention of saving endangered animals through cloning.

After the unfortunate and untimely passing of Richard Carter, BioGen underwent a transformative change under the leadership of Dr. James Creed. With a fresh vision in mind, the company set its sights on combating the pressing issue of Global Warming through the power of cloning. This environmental crisis was brought about by carbon emissions, deforestation, and the loss of crucial species within specific ecological niches.

Driven by a noble cause, the company sought to resurrect formerly extinct species and reintroduce them into the environment, aiming to restore the lost ecological balance while also mitigating carbon emissions and combating deforestation. The selection of different species to undertake this task was a contentious matter within the company. It wasn't until that fateful day that James Creed attended a prestigious scientific conference and listened to the enigmatic and controversial Dr. Albert Crane give


his presentation on the resurrection of dinosaurs. As Dr. Crane delivered his compelling presentation, James found himself captivated, realizing that this man held the key to their goal.

Pharma Synthetics Colored.png

Pharmaceutical Synthetics Technologies, INC (Pharma Synthetics) 

Pharma Synthetics is a British Pharmaceutical company. It was founded by two brothers, Jack, and Henry Spencer, along with the scientist Dr. Edward Marcus. The company was founded with the goal of using cutting-edge science and technology to cure disease and illness.

Driven by a distorted sense of altruism, Pharma Synthetics is consumed by an unwavering pursuit of health and technological advancements, regardless of the toll it takes on human and animal life. The company’s actions often blurred the boundaries between progress and ethics, and their philosophy is that sacrifices are necessary in order to achieve a greater good, believing that one life lost today will save hundreds of lives in the future. Adhering to strict protocols, the company conducts its experiments with a relentless devotion to its procedures, even at the cost of its own personnel.

While their human trials were conducted on a voluntary basis, the animals were not as fortunate. Many animals with unique abilities to combat specific ailments and diseases were brought to the labs for testing and experimentation. As animal protection laws grew more stringent as well as with the rise of animal activist 


groups, Dr. Marcus embarked on an unconventional search to find new specimens to experiment on. This ultimately led him to Dr. Albert Crane and his fateful presentation.


Genetic Tech Color.png

Genetic Tech (GeneTech) 

GeneTech is a South African genetics company. It was founded by the shady entrepreneur Johannes Steyn and the scientist Dr. Lars Anker. GeneTech presents a facade of scientific expertise and innovation, however, rumors suggest that its legal team outnumbers its actual team of scientists.

Motivated solely by profit, GeneTech views its projects as opportunities to amass vast amounts of profit from its unsuspecting customers. The company's moral compass is severely skewed, and it will seize every chance to make a buck. Unbeknownst to the public, GeneTech engages in many unethical and illegal practices, including the outright theft of research, all the while hiding behind the family-friendly image they have created for themselves as well as their shell corporation called VersaMart; a one-stop shop that sells products that solve problems that they have purposefully caused to the unsuspecting public.

Enter Dr. Lars Anker, a cunning and opportunistic scientist that is driven by personal gain. One day, while on the hunt for his next lucrative venture, he attends a prestigious scientific conference and stumbles upon a presentation that may yield to his ultimate "seller"... Dinosaurs! Skeptical of GeneTech's capacity to


accomplish such a feat alone, Dr. Anker hatches a devious plan. He orchestrates a small coalition of interested companies, deceiving them into funding the experiments he intends to exploit and pilfer!

Penward Corp Colored.png

Penward Global 

Penward Global is a British Financing firm. Venture capitalist Jeremy Penward, and his legacy is carried forward by his grandson, Samuel Penward. The Company invests in large-scale endeavors to generate profits. The firm mostly invests in military projects, however, they recently branched out into the scientific field.

When World War II broke out in Europe, Penward Global (then known as Penward Financing) rose from its humble beginnings to become a financial powerhouse. It was providing substantial capital for the production of weapons and vehicles for the British and Allied forces. Among their most significant investments was the creation of the groundbreaking Atomic Bomb. After the war, the firm continued to fund cutting-edge military technologies to strengthen Great Britain's defense capabilities on a global scale.

As part of its strategic expansion beyond military ventures, Penward Global ventured into new industries, with a great focus on medicine and genetic engineering. Notably, they embarked on the ambitious undertaking of creating genetically modified animals of war. However, one element evaded them; the company couldn't determine which animal would be the ideal companion on


the battlefield. They sought out an animal that was cunning, deadly, and can easily integrate itself as a member of any squadron. Upon attending a very controversial scientific presentation, Samuel Penward had an epiphany; the future of combat existed in the past... over 65 million years ago!

Great North Engineering Colored.png

Great North Engineering (GNE or GNgineering)

Great North Engineering is a subsidiary of a media company called Great North Studios. GNE's primary focus is the creation of cutting-edge technology for the company's Film Studio and Theme Park subdivisions. The company was founded by Walt Horton as a humble animation studio before it became the industry juggernaut it is today.

Great North Engineering stands as a conglomerate of multiple engineering houses and construction companies that were bought out by Great North Studios over the course of two decades. GNE was celebrated for its ingenuity, as well as innovative and beloved theme parks and rides, such as Mitchel Moose's Wild River Adventure, the Haunted Log Cabin, and Woodsman of the Northern Frontiers. It was on the cutting edge of entertainment technology as the conglomerate only hired the top engineers the world had to offer.

Fuelled by an unwavering desire to elevate its brand and reputation, Great North Engineering embarked on a quest for what would be its most extraordinary venture; the world's most technologically advanced zoo featuring state-of-the-art dinosaur animatronics called "Primeval Gardens". As the project was gaining momentum, tantalizing rumors reached Walt Horton's ears, as an


enigmatic scientist might have stumbled upon a method to resurrect dinosaurs from extinction. Ambition and curiosity overtook Horton, and he sought out Dr. Crane to uncover the truth behind his claims...

The setting - "Petrel's Paradise"

Petrel's Paradise.png

"Project Clone-a-Saurus" and the events of Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game take place on Petrel's Paradise, a remote island hidden within the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. The island is located a little less than 2,000 miles off the coast of Brazil. It is the largest and centermost island in an Archipelago called "Orion's Eye". Petrel's Paradise earned its nickname when it was discovered in 1721 by the infamous Pirate, Orion Crowe. He noted that the island was inhabited by a wide variety of different species of Petrel Birds, and thus gave it the name "Petrel's Paradise".

The island and the Archipelago served as Crowe's stronghold for many years until a Pirate Civil War broke out and left the island in ruins and Captain Crowe's treasure was lost to time. The island eventually came into the possession of the Brazillian Government until it was sold to BioGen and four other Companies in late 1969.

From then on, Petrel's Paradise was transformed into a massive island-wide Research facility and Colony for the secret scientific endeavor known as "Project Clone-a-Saurus". The island facility would be operational from 1976 to 1988 when it was abandoned due to a devastating Typhoon as well as growing tensions between the five companies.

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