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Open License

In short, the Open License is an agreement between Fantasm Publications and independent artists and creators (known as Partners) that allows them to sell Clone-a-Saurus compatible merchandise without paying royalties.

As with any license, there are a handful of rules that you must follow in order to participate. Once you have read the rules, feel free to sign up for the Open License by filling out the Google Form at the bottom of the page. For a complete list of Official Licensees, check out our Partners & Licensees page.

What is a Partner and what can they do?

A Partner has permission to use specialized Clone-a-Saurus branding when selling a product that is compatible with the game. They must sign up for this License via a Google Form that can be found at the bottom of this page. Once the form is completed, they will receive a "Partner Assets Kit" in their provided e-mail within 48 Hours. 

A Partner uses a Specialized Clone-a-Saurus logo that can be found in their Asset Kit. These Logos can be used for Product Images as well as for sharing on their website to show that they produce content for this game. Partners are allowed to use the official designs and names for the Dinosaurs, Characters, Vehicles, and Items from this game. Partners have the ability to create Miniatures and Terrain based on descriptions provided by us or of their own original design.

As with any Partner and Licensor relationship, privileges can be revoked if the rules are broken on several occasions or if the Partner fails to respect any warnings issued. 


If you want to produce and sell your own Miniatures, Terrain, and Accessories for Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game, then you must respect the following rules;

1. This License ONLY applies to Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game.

As of now, there are three game projects under Fantasm Publications; Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game, Clone-a-Saurus: The Roleplaying Game, and Primitive War: The Miniatures Game. This License is only applicable to Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game. Licensees are currently prohibited from producing content for the other games. If a Partner wishes to produce content for the other games, please contact us directly at

​2. Gaming is for Everyone.

Clone-a-Saurus will not be associated with anyone or any products that depict explicitly racist, sexist, homophobic, or hateful imagery and rhetoric.

3. No Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunding and Kickstarter have become a huge part of the Tabletop Gaming world as well as how games and expansions are funded, manufactured, and sold. Partners are currently prohibited from using the Clone-a-Saurus name or branding for their Crowdfunding Campaign. This is because it can be misconstrued as an official expansion of the game and we want to avoid any possible miscommunications and issues. The Campaign Description may refer to the project as Compatible with Clone-a-Saurus, however, the branding should not be visible.

With that said, a Partner can easily create a Crowdfunding Campaign that uses an unbranded title such as "Tabletop Dinosaurs", "28mm/32mm Dinosaurs", etc. Once the campaign has been funded and the product becomes available for purchase, a Partner may use the Clone-a-Saurus branding on their website to advertise the product. 

If you wish to do a Crowdfunding Campaign involving Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game or want us to be involved, please contact us at so that we can work something out together!

4. Partners can sell compatible Miniatures, Terrain, and Accessories.

Partners can produce and sell digital and physical assets such as Miniatures, Terrain, and Accessories for Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game. Partners own 100% of the rights to their own designs. 


An Accessory is a Physical or Digital item that serves to enhance general gameplay. Some examples include:

  • Tokens​

  • Cards

  • Dice

  • Dice Towers

  • Play Mats

  • Dice Mats

Make sure to list the different accessories that you are planning to produce and sell when filling out the Google Form. If you are producing and selling something that is not listed here or that wasn't listed on the Google Form, just shoot us an e-mail to give us a heads-up!

When it comes to producing Accessories, Partners are not allowed to use the Clone-a-Saurus Logo directly on their product. They cannot use any of our art assets as they belong to our Artists.


Partners cannot reproduce the published or unpublished rulebooks and modules nor parts of them for their product. The only written text that can be reproduced are the stat blocks for the Dinosaurs, Characters, and Items. Any written Lore cannot be reproduced.

Play Mats must respect the following Dimensions; 24" x 36", 36" x 36", 24" x 72", 36" x 72". Play Mats can feature a Grid or be Grid-less as the game supports both.

Miniatures and terrain

Human Miniatures and Terrain should be around 28mm to 32mm Scale (or 1:56 and 1/48 scale respectively). This is so that Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game is compatible with Miniatures and Terrain from most other games as it is intended to be a "Miniatures Agnostic" skirmish game. 

When it comes to designing Miniatures for the Game, Partners can choose to follow our designs as described by our Lore or adapt them and produce their own variants.


Partners are also encouraged to design new Dinosaurs and Characters for the game, however, a Partner cannot produce custom Stats or Rules for them, nor label them as Official Expansions for the game. If a Partner is producing a Miniature or Terrain piece that is wholly original, then we recommend that the product be labeled as "Clone-a-Saurus Compatible [Insert Name Here]", or something along those lines.

If a Partner wishes to produce Stats for their Miniature or Terrain, they can contact us at to discuss it in detail and potentially make it official.

5. Our Art Assets are Ours, and Your Art Assets are Yours.

As mentioned previously, Partners are not allowed to use our art assets in their Products. These images belong to our Artists and they should be directly profiting from any sales using their work. If a Partner wishes to use art from one of our Artists, then they must contact them directly to arrange an agreement.

Any art assets and designs produced by a Partner belong to them, and we will not use them without their permission. If a Partner features artwork that we would like to use, we will contact them in order to arrange an agreement. This also applies to Fanart, if there is a particular piece that we love, we will ask the artist permission to use it as well as compensate them appropriately.

6. New Rules and Lore are NOT allowed to be produced or sold.

Partners are prohibited from selling any Rules Expansions for Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game. We want to avoid any misunderstandings as well as the potential misunderstanding of what the rules state and how they should be resolved. We also want to avoid any issues when we produce future expansions for the game. Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game is a growing project that will see plenty of expansions and support in the years to come. If a Partner wishes to become a part of the Game Design team, then they can contact us at


Partners are allowed to produce Custom Scenarios and Missions as well as Narrative Campaigns for Clone-a-Saurus. They must be published online for free. 

The Lore and Story behind Clone-a-Saurus are produced and written by the Fantasm Publications team as well as a team of consultants. If a Partner wishes to pitch a Story or bit of Lore, they can contact us at to discuss it in detail and potentially make it official.


Although we want to have one cohesive Canon, we would be remiss if we didn't listen to our community of players as well as other creators and storytellers; that is how we got to produce this game and how we got our start in the industry!

7. Spread the Word on Clone-a-Saurus.

Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game is an independently published Minis game and we appreciate any help that we can get for advertising the game. When you are selling a product with our branding on it, please feature a link to the rulebook and our website in the description.

If you wish to hang up Posters or Advertisements at your Local Game Store, send us an e-mail and we will send you a Digital Poster that you can get printed!

8. Have Fun!

Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game exists to scratch an itch that has plagued Tabletop Gaming for so long, having a dedicated skirmish game that pits people against dinosaurs! We want to see this game grow and be enjoyable for everyone, both players as well as independent creators!

A big thank you to EelHeel Studio who helped us conceptualize this Open License. I also want to thank the Gaslands Team as their Open License was very inspirational and intuitive. It helped guide us in producing this License for our game.

Sign up to be a licensee today!

If you have read the rules and are willing to abide by them, you can sign up to become a Clone-a-Saurus Licensee today!

Just fill out the Google Form found below and you will receive your Assets kit within 48 Hours. 

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