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Meet the Team behind Fantasm Publications and Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game!

Fantasm Publications was founded in 2023 in Canada, by Hobbyist and Junior Game Designer, Paolo D. Paolo has been gaming since 2016, playing various games from his favorite franchises, such as Star Wars and Warhammer. From there, he started producing various homebrew content from custom Missions and Scenarios to Custom Playable Characters to a full Homebrew Roleplaying Game!



Paolo, creator, and lead game designer, first got a taste for gaming when his friend introduced him to Warhammer and the X-Wing Miniatures Game. From there, he produced a variety of homebrew content such as Custom Scenarios like the Battle of Yavin Scenario, Custom Ships and Pilots, Alternate Art Cards, and his famous Ground Assault Expansion which was later adapted into Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. 

In 2020, he wrote and published a Homebrew Fan RPG based on the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World Films. This RPG got him recognized by Exod, where he was hired to write and produce an official Jurassic World RPG along with its Lore Books. Unfortunately, the project was never released. 

Wanting to break into the industry, Paolo began working on a Tabletop Skirmish Game and accompanying Roleplaying Game that pits Dinosaurs against Humans in a Pulpy Sci-Fi Setting, known as Clone-a-Saurus!


Lewis is a creator and storyteller, as well as a fan of cinema, especially the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World franchise. Since childhood, he has always loved to write his own story and universe and showcase it to his friends. 

In 2021, Lewis and Paolo formed a team to write a dream project, an official Jurassic World Lore/Encyclopedia for Exod's planned Jurassic World Roleplaying Game, however, the project was halted indefinitely.

Not all hope was lost, after the project's unfortunate end, Lewis continued to pursue his creative writing. He joined the Clone-a-Saurus project in order to work on his writing and tell stories using Dinosaurs!


Hong L. is an illustrator, character designer, storyboarder, and lifelong Dinosaur and Jurassic Park fan. 

Hong L. made a name for himself within the Jurassic Park community through his illustrations depicting famous scenes, characters, and toylines from the series. This garnered the attention of Paolo and Lewis, who recruited him for the Jurassic World Roleplaying Game project with Exod.

Bringing in his expertise on modern military attire and history as well as his love and enthusiasm for Dinosaurs, Hong L. was invaluable in the inception of the visuals and look of Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game!

You can check out his work here:

Photo Credit: Daniel Arevalo

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