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Welcome to the Downloads Page, where you can find all kinds of free and ready-to-print files for Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game! 

Token Pack 1.png

Token Pack 1

This kit contains all of the Tokens needed to play the base game of Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game. These are tokens that can be printed onto paper and cardstock.

The following tokens are included:

- Objective Token         - Venom Token

- Cache Token              - Tranq'd Token

- Item Token                 - Stealth Token

- Swarm Token             - Hunted Token Token

Item Card Pack 1

This kit contains all of the Item Cards needed to play with the Alternate rules for Item Cards in the base game of Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game

The following cards are included:

- Air Rifle               - First Aid Kit & Venom Kit           - Pistol

- Assault Rifle       - Hunting Rifle                              - Revolver

- Baseball Bat       - Key Card (7x)                            - Shock Prod

- Dart Gun            - Mace                                         - Shotgun

- Dart Pistol          - Machine Pistol                           - Sledgehammer

Card Pack Image.png
Reminder Tokens.png

Token Pack 2

This kit contains "Reminder" Tokens. They serve to remind Players of anything specific about the Miniature such as if it activated already, how many AP it has left to use, if it is currently prone, etc. These tokens are not necessary to play Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game.

The following tokens are included:

- Remaining AP Token         - Last Stand Token                  - First Aid Uses Token

- Damage Counters             - Prone Token                          - Sedated Token 

- Climbing Token                 - Unit Activated Token

- Frenzy Token                    - Tranquilizer Uses Token

Team Roster

This PDF is used to write down the Names and Stats for your Team when playing. This is not the final version and it is still a work in progress.

Jungle Play Mats Kit 1

Fight in the Jungles of Petrel's Paradise with these play mats! This kit contains a handful of different Jungle-themed Play Mats for players to print and use! All Play Mats come in 24x36 and 36x36 sizes. Designed using Inkarnate!

The following Play Mats included are:

- 4 Forest Variants            - Cliffside Outpost

- Air Strip                          - Game Trail

- Abandoned Village         - Swamp

Misc Play Mats Kit 1

Here are different locations on Petrel's Paradise! All Play Mats come in 24x36 and 36x36 sizes. Designed using Inkarnate!

The following Play Mats included are:

- 2 Beach Variants

- 2 Underground Cavern Variants

3D Printable Miniatures

Check out various Free 3D printable Miniatures and Miniature related components! They can also be found and downloaded from:

Feathered Raptor.JPG

Feathered Deinonychus

This is a feathered Deinonychus variant designed by MZ4250. Please support the original artist by checking out their Patreon account:

This comes in 2 sizes, standard 28mm scale and 32mm scale.

Click on the link below if Download Button doesn't work:

Dinosaurs by DinoMike Mak

Content Creator DinoMike Mak has teamed up with the Clone-a-Saurus Team to design and give away free STL files of compatible Dinosaurs for Clone-a-Saurus: The Miniatures Game. These Dinosaurs can be used as proxies or alternate species for existing Dinosaurs in the game! These species may appear in future expansions, but for now, they serve as free alternate Miniatures for people to make at home with their 3D Printers. All of his Dinosaur files can be found on our official Thingiverse page! You don't want to miss out on these free Models!

Wave 1


3D Printable Terrain

Check out various Free and Premium 3D printable Terrain! These models are STLs, which means that you will be downloading models for 3D printing and not the Physical Model. Click on the logo or Link below to check it out!


Photo Credit: David Kowalski

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